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Easily manage popular website

Find your favourite sites thanks to small icons in 1 click below the search bar to access your popular sites more quickly. They are added automatically. You can then manage the number of favourite sites on your new tab.

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Work efficiency with To Do

Keep track of your main tasks for the day with your to-do list. Free your mind by writing down what you have to do, then tick off your completed tasks.

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Calendar and Time

View the dates of the month and the time to see where you are in the day.

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Choose your Wallpaper

With this widget you can personalize your wallpaper with a photo of your choice that you can import or choose an inspiring image from the extension settings. You can eat it regularly depending on your current mood.

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Quotes for inspiration

Find a daily inspirational quote to help you be more creative and productive. Every day of the year, offers you its quote of the day! A chosen thought that will make you laugh, smile or think…

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Real time weather in your city

View the weather and temperature forecast in your city using the location. Come out covered if necessary!

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